Sister Karol's Book of Spells, Blessings & Folk Magic

A guide to folk magic from diverse spiritual traditions ranging from Catholicism to Wicca and more. Anyone seeking to mend a broken heart, turn enemies into friends, or find a guardian angel will find encouragement in this uplifting, inspiring, and entertaining book. Author Karol Jackowski introduces, explains, and explores the nature of spells, prayers, and blessings and offers practical suggestions for their use. Readers will learn how to cast spells, create altar space, and most crucially how to live their best spiritual and magical lives.

Forever and Ever, Amen: Becoming a Nun in the Sixties

Traces the author's eight-year study to become a Catholic nun in the 1960s, an effort that was shaped by factors ranging from the American civil rights movement to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, in a personal account that offers insight into her transition into and daily experiences of convent life.

The Silence We Keep: A Nun's View of the Catholic Priest Scandal

In this uplifting and empowering call to action, Karol Jackowski, a nun for more than forty years, speaks out about her life and vocation, women in the Church, the sexual scandal in the priesthood and why the Catholic hierarchy won’t fix it, and how Catholics will take back their Church.

Good Cooking Habits: Food for Your Body, Your Soul, and Your Funnybone by Nun Other Than Fr. Karol Jackowski

Serves up over 100 recipes with a side dish of nostalgic memories from Sr. Karol Jackowski. Each scrumptious recipe is simple to follow, yet delectably divine.


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