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Abracadabra and Blessed Be


You might be wondering how a nun got interested in spells and magic. You might also be surprised to learn that it happened quite naturally, fitting perfectly into everything that I learned and believed in, growing up Catholic. I was born and raised believing in God, angels, saints—a spirit filled world in which we had the ability to talk to them, ask for whatever we needed, and sense a divine presence with us wherever we were. At Saint Stanislaus Grade School in East Chicago, Indiana, we attended Mass every morning before class, where we watched a priest transform bread and wine (in the mysterious language of Latin) into the body and blood of Christ. Abracadabra. Catholic magic. I grew up thinking if bread and wine could be transformed into something divine, so could the rest of creation. The holiness in all creation can be found in those who have eyes to see what they believe.

"This gift of Karol Jackowski’s wisdom, spirit, energy and hope arrives with perfect timing in a world that desperately needs these recipes for creation of holy magic in our hearts, homes, and beyond."

Suzanne Strempek Shea, award-winning author of Sundays in America

"Sister Karol's Book of Spells, Blessings & Folk Magic is a wonderful little book that looks at prayer, belief, and miracles through a new lens."

Anna Raimondi, author of Conversations with Mary: Messages of Healing, Hope, and Unity for Everyone